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User Agreement

User Agreement
This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as this “Agreement”) is a contract between you and FAST-EXCAHNGER (hereinafter referred to as “Company” ) as well as its operated FAST-EXCAHNGER  It will apply to the service of your e-wallet recharge and withdrawal and other relative service( hereinafter referred to as this “Service”). If you don’t agree the restraint of the term and conditions in this Agreement, you cannot use this website or any service..
In this Agreement, “You” or “Your” is any individual or company (hereinafter referred to as” Uses”) that use our service. Except for special announcement, “FAST-EXCAHNGER”, “WE” and “OUR” refer to our company as well as our CEO, directors, agents, employees, sub company, joint ventures, workers and suppliers.
We have the right to amend some terms in this Agreement. Unless the effective date is declared, the amended version will take effect 14 days after it is published on our website. For the coming change notice, we will post it on our blog or send it to the notification page or your FAST-EXCAHNGER account. If you don’t agree with the changed content, you shall cancel our service voluntarily. If you continue to use our service, it is regarded that you accept our amendment for service terms.
1. Definitions
1.1. E-wallet Recharge: Users transfer certain amount to our account by financial institution and we will transfer equivalent funds to the designated e-wallet account.
1.2. E-wallet Withdrawal: Users transfer certain amount to our account by e-wallet and we will transfer equivalent funds to designated financial institution account.
1.3. Transaction: One-time operation of e-wallet recharge or withdrawal.
2. General Provisions
2.1. Only the natural person who is over 18 and have the capacity for civil rights and capacity for civil conduct can apply to become users of our website and use our service.
2.2. In order to use our service, you must create an account on our website. You are only allowed to create one account except for our permission.
2.3. This Agreement takes effect since you successfully create an account on our website.
2.4. This Agreement regulate the relationship between you and our company and substitute all the prior negotiations between us..
2.5. Our service may not apply to state laws in which the users live. Users should absolutely obey local law and take full responsibility.
2.6. E-wallet system and bank will take full responsibility for the funds that be entrusted by customers. Our company is not part of agreement made between e-wallet system and the bank, so you cannot mistake our website as some function of e-wallet system or bank. Customers shall obey the agreement they signed with e-wallet system or bank for the rights and obligations.
2.7. You agree that we keep a record of the information you provide to us unless there are other statements.
2.8. In order to avoid any problem and mistakes for the translated Agreement, it is subject to the English Version .
2.9. We will do our best but cannot guarantee that our website can be visited 24/7.
2.10. We will not compensate any loss, profit loss and expenditure caused by the following factors:

  • The transaction is delayed or completed because users fill in the transaction form by mistake due to the improper use of our website or the funds is transferred to wrong account that was showed on the transaction form..
  • The Force Majeure Events include but not limited to: natural disaster, fire, computer virus, design bugs of instrumental software, Internet hacker attack, alteration of policy and law; network linkage interrupt of Telecom operation, accidents of routine interface of cooperated banks or financial institution; gateway accident of Mobile networks operator; the unpredictable accident caused by alteration of terminal customer system; the unexpected traffic increase due to government orders and the confiscation and detention  of the suppliers due to government interference
  • Users cannot visit our website or service.
  • Your mistaken understanding or prediction of our service charge, transaction profit and other subjective factors.
  • The delay or no transferring to your designated account due to e-wallet system or the mistake of financial institution.

2.11. You should not disclose your FAST-EXCAHNGER account or password and the other information of your account to third parties.
2.12. Users must read and agree all the frequently use questions listed on Knowledge Center of our online customer support system.
2.13. We have the absolute right to decline to provide service to customers on the condition of no interpretation.
3. Transaction Rules
3.1. In order to process and finish the transaction, users have the right and obligation to provide effective and correct information..
3.2. You must inform us if you transfer your funds to wrong bank or e-wallet.,
3.3. We will not accept the transfer by a third party. Users must transfer to us in their own name to finish the transaction.
3.4. Users must guarantee that the funds transferred to us are their own property and have the right to dispose it.
3.5. We are only responsible for the funds transferred to you in this transaction. After transaction, we will not take responsibility for your future operation or use of the funds.
3.6. We reserve the right to require users provide the certificate of funds resources that have been transferred to our account. Or else your payment will be kept in our company account until you users provide the relative certificates..
3.7. The source of the funds or the transaction purpose should be forbidden or limited by anti-money laundering law.
3.8. If users are attempting to attack us and causing a loss to us in the following way, we have the right to keep the funds that has been transferred to us and decline to process it further:

  • Attempt for DDOS or any other server attack and hacking scripts, modification of transaction amount, transaction remarks or other illegal interruption of our website
  • The other illegal act that have been told by us.

3.9. Users must read and agree the cost described on our Order page.
3.10. Users must read and agree all the frequently used questions listed on Knowledge Center of our website.
3.11. We only provide customer support service on legal working days:

  • Monday—Thursday (11:00 to 14:00) & (19:00 to 24:00)
  • Friday & Saturday  (13:00 to 22:00)

3.12. When users have paid for the transaction but the transaction has not been processed, please contact our customer support representatives. Or else, we will return your funds according to your payment information within 72 Hrs after invistigation.

4. Account Information
4.1. Account Safety
Your account and password registered in our website should be kept properly. And every user is totally responsible for all the content in the message. You can determine to renew your password. Once you find your account being illegally used by others or there is a safety bug, you should notify us immediately.
After you finish our service registration and get an account and the password, you should keep the account and password safe. You are taking complete responsibility for all the activities done by those who use your account. We could not distinguish the activities done illegally and without your authorization, so we won’t take any responsibility.
Users are not allowed to transfer the account and password privately, no matter paid or free in order to avoid disputes because of the account. If users violate this rule, he should take all responsibilities for the loss. If we find the user is not the one who register this account , we have the right to take back the account without undertaking legal responsibility.
4.2. Identity Verification
We encourage users to complete identity verification in order to make our service more safe and reliable. You may be required to complete identity verification at any time in order to obey and apply to anti-money laundering law and anti-terrorism financing law. You agree to finish your identity verification at our request. If you refuse the account identity verification, your account may be frozen no matter whether there is unfinished transaction.
You authorize that we can investigate your identity directly or by third parties. At any time, we may require you to complete the necessary verification steps to verify your identity. However, we cannot guarantee that every user’s identity are real.
If you are a Chinese customer, you may be required to finish the following 3 verification items at any time:

  • One copy of your ID card
  • One recent photo
  • Telephone verification

The verification items for international customers include but not limited to the following:

  • One copy of your passport
  • One copy of your residential proof
  • One recent photo
  • Telephone verification

4.3. Referral Program
Self-referral or referral from the same IP or equipment will not be rewarded. We reserve the right to change the program at any time. Abusing our referral program in illegitimate way will result in the confiscation of your commission or your account’s being frozen.
5. Refund
We may stop providing service or refund due to the following reasons:

  • Once the transaction status show finished, the transaction is irreversible. The other exceptions referred in this Agreement are excluded.
  • If the name or the account to which the funds is transferred do not match with the information in the order, the payment will be returned back..
  • If the transaction purpose is not clear, the payment will be returned back.
  • If customers refuse to provide the resource of the funds or the documentary evidence of the transaction purpose, we will return the funds to customers’ account.

6. Account Freezing
We reserve the right to limit the account visit or refuse to process the order further and terminate the order without advanced notice due to the following reasons:

  • Violate any term of this Agreement
  • Submit changed verification documents
  • Visit our website using anonymous agent or VPN
  • Funds or function obtained from the following illegal business:
    • Gambling or Casino Include but not limited to lottery, gambling, horse and dog racing, sports betting and virtual poker chips´╝ë
    • Drugs and relative utensils(include but not limited to chemicals and illegal herb)
    • Content for juveniles under 18 (photos, video)
    • Arms and ammunition (include but not limited to guns and ammunition)
    • Adult content, pornography and prostitution
    • Nazi souvenir
    • Animal Selling
    • Religion and racialism, rebellion, terrorism and so on
    • MLM and Matrix Project
  • Provide false or misleading information which result in the completion of the transaction
  • Open multiple accounts
  • Intend to attach our server or website
  • Complain our accounts to e-wallet operators without contacting with us in advance
  • Send spam mail or post referral link on forbidden websites

Our company will do our best to properly investigate the reason why your account is limited in order to make a final decision. After your account is limited, all your transaction will be frozen for a time until the problem is solved. Maybe, we will decide to shorten the frozen time. Obeying this Agreement will keep your account from being frozen.
7. Dispute Resolution
7.1. This Agreement is governed by Governmental Law.
7.2. Any disputes in connection with our service shall be settled privately between customers and our administrator on the basis of the terms of this Agreement.
8. Service Cost
8.1. All the relative service cost will be post on our website according to the current market situation.
8.2. Customers need to pay all the charges during bank transfer, including the transfer fees of payee and payer.
8.3. We have the right to modify the relative service cost without notifying customers in advance..
9. On Taxes and Duties
Customers have the obligations to pay taxes according to local Taxation Law. We could not help customers deal with any taxes as agent
10. Form of Agreement
We and users admit that the electronic version of this Agreement has the equivalent legal effect with the written form and signed Agreement and We have the right to edit any part of Agreement or Terms of Services without any previous permisions from Users. If you have any advice on any part of our service or any terms in this Agreement, you can contact us through our customer service department.


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