Member Discounts

Member Discounts

Fast Exchanger provides cumulative discount program for our customers’ transaction, which means that we will give you a different discount ratio of your transaction fees according to your previously cumulative transaction amount. With your increased cumulative transaction amount, the transaction discount you get will be increased. The transaction discount is calculated on a basis of our transaction fees which will let you save more fees in your future transaction.

Please pay special attention to that: After you register an account, you will not get discount until your account grade is upgraded to the next VIP account. Then our system will automatically calculate the ultimate service cost you need to pay. That is, it will deduce the discounted service cost.

Currently, we provide 4 account levels. The higher your account level is, the more discounts you will get when you use our service. When your cumulative transaction amount reach to the required amount, your account will be upgraded to high level automatically. And in future transaction, you will get discount of new level.


  Account Level   Discounts   Cumulative Transaction Amount (USD)  
| Registered Users | 0% | 0 - 999 |
| VIP1 | 2.5% | 1,000 - 2,499 |
| VIP2 | 5.0% | 2,500 - 9,999 |
| VIP3 | 7.5% | 10,000 - 49,999 |
| VIP4 | 10.0% | More than 50,000 |


When you establish a transaction order, our system will automatically calculate the discount you get and the ultimate cost you need to pay. The cumulative transaction amount is subject to US dollars. If your transaction currency is not US dollars, we will convert it to US dollars according to current exchange rate to calculate it.

We reserve the rights to modify the cumulative discounts policy at any time.

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