1) What kind of services do you offer?

Fast Exchanger provides automatic exchange of electronic currencies, as well as their input and output using banks.

2) What is your working time for the exchange?

Most of transactions are automatic, this means you can exchange your currency at any time you like 
Bank deposit requires approximate 2-4 days.
You can contact us by our customer support page.

3) Why my transaction was declined/canceled?

  • You not completed transaction within 2 hours
  • You have send wrong amount (including pennies), and our system not recognize your payment as right
  • You have specified wrong information about your self

4) I paid the bill, but the money has not arrived to me, why?

  • Problem on the payment system side, or on the bank side. As soon the problem will be fixed, you funds will arrive to your account in short time.
  • Your bank account or e-currency wallet was blocked or got some restrictions. In this case we will send you your money back, except bank/payment system fee in 2 - 7 working days.
  • You have specified wrong payment data. In case if that account is exists, and we completed transaction you should contact owner of that account, and talk to him self. If account is not exist and payment are freezes in our system, we will complete this transaction to the right address after checking your ID.

5) I closed my Browser by accident, what should i do?

Dont worry, if you specify correct e-mail address while making transaction, you should receive a link. By clicking it you can finish your order.

6) Someone steal my money using your service, what should i do?

Please contact our service with a proof of scam/fraud and we will share all information about that issue. After that please contact Support system with all necessary information where your money goes and ask to suspend thief account.

7) How much time takes the for the exchange?

Most of e-currencies exchange are automatic,  If you didn't  receive your money in 2 Hours please contact support. Please note that speed-of-delivery also depends on payment systems.

8) Do you recalculate the rate if more then two hours passed between order creation and payment receiving?

 Yes the receiving amount will be recalculated upon we receive confirmation (or process the exchange) but only if that time more than 2 hours.

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